Technical Support and Ongoing Development

Schedule an Appointment for Consultation or Development

If this is your fist experience with Mr PHP then your first consultation will be 100% free with no obligations!

Development Pricing

Our basic pricing for support/consulting is simple and public. While you can request our assistance on an ad-hoc basis, we value building an ongoing relationship. Pricing is calculated based on actual time worked in 1 minute blocks, charged at the agreed rate. Charged hours will never exceed the agreed amount without client authorisation.

Task Management

During the course of your development we will manage a task board where you can monitor the progress of each of your requests.

Time Sheets

We take pride in productitivity and therefore at the end of each billing period we provide you with a detailed summary of time spent for each of your requested tasks.

Outside Australia?

GST will be added to the price during payment. If you are outside Australia please use one of the following coupons to remove the 10% GST:

  • EXGST - for consultation or development bookings.
  • EXGSTP - for development packages.

Terms & Conditions

  • Our contract is short, equitable, and includes an NDA. You may review our standard contract.
  • Implicit service contract: any services requested and/or provided while no explicit contract is in effect are subject to our standard contract. The request for services will be treated as Exhibit A.
  • All prices are in AU Dollars including GST unless stated otherwise.

If you have any questions please Contact Us