Move the Node Body into a CCK Field Group in Drupal

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This code snippet will put the node body into a CCK Field Group for selected node types.

You will need to create the following files.

name = My Module
package = My Module
description = My module override functions.
version = "5.x-1"
project = "mymodule"


function mymodule_nodeapi(&$node, $op, $teaser = NULL, $page = NULL) {
  // move body into group_details in teaser
  $types = array('blog'=>'group_details','story'=>'group_details');
  foreach($types as $type=>$field_group) {
    if ($op=='view' && $node->type==$type && $teaser && isset($node->content[$field_group])) {
      $node->content[$field_group]['body'] = $node->content['body'];

You will have to change this code: $types = array('story'=>'group_details','book'=>'group_information');.

The format is $types = array('[NODE TYPE]'=>'[FIELD GROUP]'); where [NODE TYPE] is the type of node and [FIELD GROUP] is the name of the field group where the body will be moved to.

Upload these files to sites/all/modules/mymodule.

Go to Admin > Site Building > Modules and enable your new module.

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